Open to members and non-members we dance most Fridays during the season at St Peter’s from 7.30pm until 9.30pm or later! Some Fridays we have live music with a published programme and finish time of 10pm. When there is not a published programme, one of the coaches will take us through dances of their choice. This is an opportunity to try out new or unusual dances or relax and dance familiar favourites. Do contact one of the teachers or committee members to check that the evening is running as circumstances may force a change. Sorry, no Friday dancing on 1st October 2021

Current term of Friday Dance nights began on 10th September 2021. Cost is £3 (£4 for non-members) or £7.50 (£10 for non-members) if there is live music. Live music nights are 24th September 2021, 28th January and 25th February 2022.

Click here for the crib for the Live Music night on 24th September 2021